The Gulf 12 Hours – Satisfying the motorsport urge.

We make the drive down to Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, to take in a good day of motorsport. 

It’s been months since we’ve been to any motorsport event, with our last outing to Road America for the SVRA Racing weekend in May.

However, there is something incredibly infectious about the sound of high performance engines and hard downshifts, accompanied by the sight of colorful liveries and dollops of carbonfibre, being piloted at breakneck speeds by very brave human beings. The net result: I was itching for a dose of motorsport. The category did not matter, all I wanted to see was a race.

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SVRA Vintage Racing at Road America – A truly fantastic day out.

We spent a full day of vintage racing at Road America recently. In short, it was a ball. The long version is below and be warned, it is long. 

If you’ve been a regular reader of the Bandit, then you know of our affinity for classic cars. Whether they’re German, Italian, British or Japanese, there’s something about these analog machines that endears them to numerous car enthusiasts across the world.

Car enthusiasts also enjoy motorsport. There is something indescribable about watching cars hurtling at breakneck speed, a few inches apart from each other on challenging racetracks, the noise of their engines providing a more than worthy auditory accompaniment to stunning visuals. Our last motorsport outing was at the Dubai 24 hour race at the Autodrome in January, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

So, what happens when you throw classic cars and motorsport together? You get vintage racing.

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The Accumoto Open House – Where Porsches are built to be driven.

We visited Accumoto during their Open House recently and came away mighty impressed. 

By and large, the car scene in Wisconsin can be divided into two categories. The first is the younger crowd, who modify their cars, hang out with their friends from the scene at least once a week and attend shows like WCEC’s season opener. The other half consists mostly of a number of middle-aged and older enthusiasts -usually well heeled – who are more discreet about their activities.

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GP Extreme – A modern motorsport shrine.

We visit GP Extreme’s showroom in Dubai, only to find a temple for motorsport. 

You may remember GP Extreme from our experience at the Dubai 24 Hours. The GP Extreme team ran two Renault works cars, placing 2nd in the ‘Am’ class, an achievement for a relatively young team and a new car.

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