Rennsport Reunion VI – Part 2.

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A plan to attend a local Cars and Coffee was eschewed in favor of watching the 919 Evo fly around the track, and so the Sottiles and I were at the track by 8:30 a.m. Nestled into a particularly tight corner, we watched the 935s come screaming past at close proximity in their various liveries: Coke, Interscope and Hawaiian Tropic being just some of the cars that boosted through the corner. Scrabbling for grip as the turbos spooled up, these cars were not for the faint of heart and it quickly became apparent how ballsy these men were, piloting cars from a time when cigarettes and cocaine were considered an integral part of a regular breakfast.

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Rennsport Reunion VI – Part 1.

Rennsport Reunion was undoubtedly one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. We’ve divided it into a two-part feature in order to do it justice. Start reading now! 

I don’t know where to begin.

It’s two days after Rennsport Reunion VI ended, and my brain is still struggling to readjust to daily life. Four days of automobile extravaganza from the boys in Stuttgart will do that to anyone, and try as I may, every single superlative that I use to describe my time at the Laguna Seca circuit in Monterey over the past weekend, ends up falling painfully short. Regardless I will soldier on, in the interest of you, our dear readers.

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Wein11 – The Banditmobile.

Photo kindly provided by Akiko Tsukamoto Liu

Think of a sportscar and within the first few guesses I’m sure you’ll chance upon the Porsche 911. We’re big fans of the Porsche marque and the 911 in particular. Aircooled, watercooled, Mezger-engined, lightweight, they’re available in a number of different flavors. Turn the clock back maybe three years and things were a little different.

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El Mirage – A Mein12 story.

A 912, a dry lakebed at sunrise, a DSLR camera and three slightly sleep-deprived people. Curious? Read on! 

There are times in life, when you think back to a particular event and wonder if it really happened the way you remember it. Things seemed to move so fast that beginning to end takes a couple minutes, and then we’re thrown back into our ordinary lives, with just these memories. Something of this nature took place a few weeks ago, and I would be remiss in not sharing them with you.

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The Petersen Museum – Feeling the Porsche Effect.

If you’ve been around car enthusiasts in the last couple years, you’ve probably heard that Porsche has been in the limelight for a while. They may keep releasing twin-turbo track monsters like the GT2RS, but the real attention has been around the aircooled cars. As prices go skyward and more and more people open their eyes to the rich motorsport heritage that the Stuttgart crest is famous for, it seems as if Porsche can do no wrong.

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The McGoverns – A Father’s Day Special.

This Father’s Day, we sat down with a father-son duo who help us understand the impact of petrolhead fathers in our lives. 

Being an auto enthusiast is a full time hobby. Whether browsing Ebay or Craigslist for parts or new projects, working under the hood of your current project(s) or attending car meets or shows, being a car guy/girl is highly involving. However, the question we’re asking today is, how do people become car enthusiasts in the first place?

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1964 Porsche 911 Outlaw – All is not as it seems.

We meet Tony Sottile’s uncle Jay, who drops a bombshell right at the Bandit’s feet. Find out what we’re on about below. 

All is not as it seems.

I know we’ve all heard this phrase from time to time, but in this case, I’d like the words to really sink in. In an increasingly appearance driven world, we are quick to judge and then dismiss something we don’t think looks good, or doesn’t align with our views. The same is true of cars. Body kits, wheels, engine swaps, interiors, decals, paint jobs and even the model of car come under scrutiny from our peers, with friends and foes alike quick to offer their opinion.

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The Porsche 911 Targa – A body style for the ages.

The Targa body style has featured prominently in the 911’s lineup over the last few decades and we got to experience one in Milwaukee recently. 

As far as sportscars go, there are usually two body styles: coupes and convertibles/cabriolets. In the hope of keeping things simple, I’m choosing to momentarily ignore the numerous other styles like Gran Coupe and Shooting Brake, which come in two or four door variants. See, that got complicated real fast.
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