The Petersen Museum – Feeling the Porsche Effect.

If you’ve been around car enthusiasts in the last couple years, you’ve probably heard that Porsche has been in the limelight for a while. They may keep releasing twin-turbo track monsters like the GT2RS, but the real attention has been around the aircooled cars. As prices go skyward and more and more people open their eyes to the rich motorsport heritage that the Stuttgart crest is famous for, it seems as if Porsche can do no wrong.

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The Petersen Museum Cruise In – Motor Oil for Breakfast.

Since its renovation two years ago, the Petersen Museum has become the definitive Mecca for car enthusiasts. Gala dinners, mechanical workshops, a design school and studio, notable cars being donated every week and a world class collection have cumulatively put the Petersen on the map. Our visit to the museum in April was nothing short of fantastic and we didn’t even see the vault!

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