Auto Gauges – A story of needles and numbers.

For this one, we look at one of the overlooked yet important details of a car – the subjects of its instrument panel.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but even car enthusiasts are at the mercy of the seasons. In Wisconsin and the northern United States, the frigid winter leaves little room for any motoring activities. Unfortunately, the Middle Eastern summer is similarly brutal, even if its impact is felt on the opposite end of the temperature scale. Continue reading “Auto Gauges – A story of needles and numbers.”

An ode to the Gated Shifter.

Regular readers of the Nocturnal Bandit may have noticed a common theme among the Ferrari stories that frequently appear on the pages of this journal: all of them have gated shifters. 

The shifter from a Ferrari F360.

Initially, I had voiced my affinity for these mechanical marvels in every story about a car from Maranello. Eventually, with five Ferrari stories under the Nocturnal Bandit’s belt and hopefully more to come, it became repetitive. Thus, I decided to devote a story to the gated shifter and why I like them so much, leaving future prancing horses free from a detailed account of this beautiful piece of machinery.

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