New York City – Union Garage.

The last story from our trip to the Big Apple. For this one, we dig up a little bike culture in Brooklyn. 

After leaving Autodromo’s offices in Brooklyn, I decided to wander. Bradley very kindly showed me the Promenade, which overlooks the Hudson and also gives an unfettered view of the Lower Manhattan skyline, which is impressive in itself.

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New York City – Officine Autodromo.

We sat down with Bradley Price of Autodromo, a brand that we’ve been fans of for a while. This is our second story of three from New York City. 

No, this isn’t Hodinkee and no, we’re not turning into a lifestyle blog.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you must be wondering why we’ve got a photograph with watches as the header image for this post.

We will explain in due course, while also introducing you to Autodromo.

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New York City – A visit to the Classic Car Club.

We visited New York City for a couple of days late in May. Here is the first of three stories, enjoy!

Think of a city with a good car scene and I’m sure New York City won’t be at the top of that list. In fact I doubt it’d be third, or even fifth. The high population density, potholed roads and incessant congestion – both pedestrian and automobile – make it less than enjoyable for someone who wants to really enjoy a car.

So, what happens if you’re a car enthusiast and you happen to stay in New York City?

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