Los Angeles – Welcome to Petrolhead Paradise.

Los Angeles. Lalaland. Hollywood. The City of Angels. Southland.

Whichever name you use, the city of Los Angeles is like no other. Good weather all year round, beaches, hills, a certain mentality and the presence of celebrities. I don’t believe there is any other city that you can find all this in, except maybe Monaco, which is frightfully expensive. Continue reading “Los Angeles – Welcome to Petrolhead Paradise.”

The 2017 Chicago Auto Show.

We visit the Chicago Auto Show for the third year consecutively. Third time’s the charm?

A highly integral part of being a car enthusiast is attending shows, meets and drives with like-minded friends who share your passion for wheeled machines. One of these events is the Auto Show.

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The Jannarelly Roadster – An homage to the good times.


First off, I realize there has been a deluge of Ferrari posts on the Nocturnal Bandit in the past couple weeks and I assure you that this was totally unintentional. However, it’s now time to look at a special car without a prancing horse on the hood.

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