Los Angeles – The Porsche Experience Center.

As an automotive brand, Porsche is best known for being a sportscar manufacturer, while going against some of the basic rules of automotive engineering. What they have become is a global brand that builds performance cars that have a 50-year-old ethos embedded in them. Even the Cayenne and the Panamera are imbued with large traces of the firm’s core principles. The fact that they draw on their motorsport heritage and the presence of an active fanbase that still drives and covets classic aircooled machines necessitated that the brand itself do something to support and encourage this movement. After all, a Porsche owner has their car to derive happiness from the driving experience, if we ignore all the other stereotypes associated with the brand.

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Harley Davidson – A household name.

Our visit to the home of Harley Davidson – the HD Museum. 

img_4550Mention Harley Davidson to anybody, and the first thought that pops into their head is of a large, loud motorcycle, with a big, tough man in a leather jacket and tattered jeans riding on an empty road. While that image has become ubiquitous with the brand, there is a lot more to Harley Davidson than comes to mind. So, one spring morning early this year, I headed to the home of Harley Davidson, the HD Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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