Royal Enfield North America – A quick visit to the brand’s new home.

We make a quick pre-lunch stop at Royal Enfield’s new home in Milwaukee. 

After leaving the Mama Tried Show, I decided to grab a quick lunch before exploring the area. The show had been just a couple of blocks from the Historic Third Ward, an area that paid homage to the industrial side of the city, while also housing a number of hip coffee shops, boutiques and taverns.

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The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show – Celebrating handbuilt moto culture.

We attended the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee, getting a proper look at handbuilt motorcycle culture. 

On my last visit to Milwaukee, I visited the Harley Davidson Museum, getting a small glance into the motorcycle culture that is so deeply embedded in the city. However, a visit to a museum is not the only way of getting acquainted with what some call a way of life. The craftsmanship, culture and lifestyle that involves being on two wheels can only be properly experienced by interacting with the people who eat, breathe and sleep motorcycles.

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Cafe Rider – Motorcycles fuelled by Caffeine.

A quick stop for coffee turned into a lasting friendship, with a cafe. 


I walked into Cafe Rider for the first time on a summer weekday afternoon about two years ago. I had heard about a warehouse that had been turned into a motorcycle themed coffee shop in the industrial district, and I half expected it to be like every other café that carried a theme simply to attract customers. Boy, I was wrong. Continue reading “Cafe Rider – Motorcycles fuelled by Caffeine.”