Supercars galore – Protective Automotive Solutions’ afternoon meet.

In our introduction to Los Angeles, we mentioned that the automotive community here is like no other. A major element of this is the sheer variety of cars that you can see on SoCal roads on a daily basis. A classic Beetle chugging down side streets while a Lamborghini Aventador SV crawls along in freeway traffic is not unheard of. This mentality leads to a ‘something for everyone’ situation, where your automotive desires will be satisfied, regardless of what they are. Continue reading “Supercars galore – Protective Automotive Solutions’ afternoon meet.”

Los Angeles – Welcome to Petrolhead Paradise.

Los Angeles. Lalaland. Hollywood. The City of Angels. Southland.

Whichever name you use, the city of Los Angeles is like no other. Good weather all year round, beaches, hills, a certain mentality and the presence of celebrities. I don’t believe there is any other city that you can find all this in, except maybe Monaco, which is frightfully expensive. Continue reading “Los Angeles – Welcome to Petrolhead Paradise.”