Los Angeles – Period Correct

The words ‘period correct’ have assumed a new significance in the last few years with the growth of classic car culture. If you’re driving a classic car, you’re not supposed to wear Air Jordans. You’re also not supposed to put a Panasonic sound system in your car and you certainly shouldn’t be rolling on big chrome wheels.

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Los Angeles – Morning coffee stop at Deus Ex Machina.

Deus Ex Machina. These three words have come to symbolise a global brand that stands for a lot of things. Good coffee, handbuilt modified motorcycles, surfboards and their associated culture, classic cars and a whole lot more. They have retailers in more than ten countries, allowing people to live the ‘Deus’ lifestyle. They’ve also had a large hand in promoting SoCal car culture, playing an integral role in annual events like Luftgekuhlt year on year.

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Los Angeles – The Porsche Experience Center.

As an automotive brand, Porsche is best known for being a sportscar manufacturer, while going against some of the basic rules of automotive engineering. What they have become is a global brand that builds performance cars that have a 50-year-old ethos embedded in them. Even the Cayenne and the Panamera are imbued with large traces of the firm’s core principles. The fact that they draw on their motorsport heritage and the presence of an active fanbase that still drives and covets classic aircooled machines necessitated that the brand itself do something to support and encourage this movement. After all, a Porsche owner has their car to derive happiness from the driving experience, if we ignore all the other stereotypes associated with the brand.

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Los Angeles – DV Mechanics.

Continuing on in our series of Los Angeles stories….

While in LA, I was trying to work to some sort of itinerary. I say ‘some sort’ because the city is spread out over a very large distance. Throw slow moving traffic into the mix and with limited time; you can see why my list was rather flexible. So, after leaving Benton Performance, I headed north to Montebello. My destination was a cool shop that works on Alfa Romeos and Porsches. Interesting combination, no?

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Los Angeles – Benton Performance

The second in our series of stories about our trip to Los Angeles. 

Few people would doubt that Los Angeles and the state of California in general form one of the largest bases for car culture worldwide. An abundance of good weather, creativity, passion and motoring heritage make this city one of the world’s greatest automotive hubs.

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Los Angeles – A visit to Petrolicious.

We made a quick trip out west to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. This is the first in a series of stories about our experiences in the city. 

In the last four years or so, Petrolicious has arguably become the leading proponent of the classic car lifestyle. Growing from a small little known website into the classic car world’s unofficial online newspaper is no mean feat. By highlighting the stories behind the classic cars that they feature, they ensure that readers never forget the human element that is all too often lost in articles about classic cars. Their videos have often been responsible for transporting me back to a different place, making for many an evening’s viewing.

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