The Lamborghini 350 GT – The first Raging Bull.

We spend some with the first Lamborghini to be produced, the 350 GT. 

Think of Lamborghini these days, and a very angry looking supercar comes to mind, with either a V10 or V12 mounted out back. There is nothing subtle about these cars, and with the noise of their high-performance engines and their attention grabbing looks, the current crop of Lamborghinis is the complete package for the discerning supercar owner.

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The Aston Martin DB6 – A leisurely evening cruise.

Sometimes, you don’t need speed and adrenaline. Sometimes, you need to relax and that’s precisely where the silver machine below excels. 


Things have been rather quiet on the Nocturnal Bandit with our last post being almost two weeks ago. A busy few days have meant that the Bandit has been idle. Looking through our posts, it’s also noteworthy that in spite of our name, we haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a car after dusk. So, we feel that it is rather fitting that our post today concerns an evening drive in a very special machine.

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