Stanceworks – The ultimate grassroots car culture blog.

They say every human interaction that we have, shapes us in some way or another. While this discussion may seem strange outside of a philosophy classroom, it does have some bearing on our passion for these machines that we love.

So, why did I start on such a philosophical note? For one simple reason, it happened to me.

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Kelly Moss Road and Race – A visit to the Porsche candy store.

A motorsport shop that also services street cars, with a heavy specialization in Porsche. Intrigued? Read on!


I had mentioned in my ‘Introduction to Wisconsin’ that the state benefits from a healthy ‘Euro’ scene. BMWs, Benzes, Audis and Porsches are equally loved when compared with the average muscle car. With the trees shedding leaves and the temperature dropping, most folk decide to tuck their prized automobiles away for the winter around this time. Unfortunately that translates into a scarcity of meets and other car-related activity.
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Full Circle Hot Rods – Keeping hot-rodding alive.

A visit to a shop that does its part in keeping an American institution alive: hot-rodding. 


As humans, we like to categorise everything in order to understand them better. The same goes for cars. Muscle cars, sportscars, wagons, SUVs, pick-up trucks, JDM cars, exotics and the list goes on, frequently falling into further sub-categories so that every car belongs to a certain classification. However, there is one category that usually earns the respect of all true car enthusiasts, even if they don’t necessarily like them – the hot rods.
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