Los Angeles – Morning coffee stop at Deus Ex Machina.

Deus Ex Machina. These three words have come to symbolise a global brand that stands for a lot of things. Good coffee, handbuilt modified motorcycles, surfboards and their associated culture, classic cars and a whole lot more. They have retailers in more than ten countries, allowing people to live the ‘Deus’ lifestyle. They’ve also had a large hand in promoting SoCal car culture, playing an integral role in annual events like Luftgekuhlt year on year.

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Cafe Rider – Motorcycles fuelled by Caffeine.

A quick stop for coffee turned into a lasting friendship, with a cafe. 


I walked into Cafe Rider for the first time on a summer weekday afternoon about two years ago. I had heard about a warehouse that had been turned into a motorcycle themed coffee shop in the industrial district, and I half expected it to be like every other café that carried a theme simply to attract customers. Boy, I was wrong. Continue reading “Cafe Rider – Motorcycles fuelled by Caffeine.”