Land Rover 110 FFR – A military workhorse story.

Flip through any dictionary today, and whether it’s an Oxford or a Mirriam-Webster, if you look under the definition of utilitarian, I’m sure that you’ll find Land Rover listed there.

Now that I’ve got that overused cliché out of the way, it’s time to question why people associate Land Rover with these rugged connotations. I had never been in a Land Rover vehicle, but had heard and read no end of praise about the British brand.

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Austin Healey 3000 MkIII – For the fun of top-down driving.

We go for a quick morning drive in an Austin Healey, which makes our day. 

The Austin Healey falls under the small subset of British sportscars that were meant for English B-roads, small and nimble to provide its driver and passenger with the requisite thrills for an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon drive.

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Jaguar XK120s – Unicorns in the wild.

 Our second outing in a Jaguar. This time, it’s all about heritage. 


After being properly introduced to Jaguars recently, it’s fair to say that I have developed a new appreciation for the brand. Many an idle minute is spent day-dreaming about the sound that the F-type makes or the brutal acceleration of the XJ220. However, the brand has a lot of heritage to its name, which unfortunately for us, usually manifests itself in the form of garage queens that rarely see any sunlight.

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The Aston Martin DB6 – A leisurely evening cruise.

Sometimes, you don’t need speed and adrenaline. Sometimes, you need to relax and that’s precisely where the silver machine below excels. 


Things have been rather quiet on the Nocturnal Bandit with our last post being almost two weeks ago. A busy few days have meant that the Bandit has been idle. Looking through our posts, it’s also noteworthy that in spite of our name, we haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a car after dusk. So, we feel that it is rather fitting that our post today concerns an evening drive in a very special machine.

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