El Mirage – A Mein12 story.

A 912, a dry lakebed at sunrise, a DSLR camera and three slightly sleep-deprived people. Curious? Read on! 

There are times in life, when you think back to a particular event and wonder if it really happened the way you remember it. Things seemed to move so fast that beginning to end takes a couple minutes, and then we’re thrown back into our ordinary lives, with just these memories. Something of this nature took place a few weeks ago, and I would be remiss in not sharing them with you.

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Los Angeles – Benton Performance

The second in our series of stories about our trip to Los Angeles. 

Few people would doubt that Los Angeles and the state of California in general form one of the largest bases for car culture worldwide. An abundance of good weather, creativity, passion and motoring heritage make this city one of the world’s greatest automotive hubs.

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