Postcard – A Porsche weekend.

A quick reminder that there are so many facets of SoCal car culture that extend beyond the cars and coffee scene. 

Being part of the SoCal car scene can quickly turn into a kaleidoscope of cars and coffee events. After a while, you start seeing the same cars and a change of scene is required. I got to that stage recently and the change of scene came in the form of the 912 Rendezvous. Held in Solvang (130 miles northwest of Los Angeles), the Rendezvous is an annual 912 party. What was a semi-spontaneous decision to attend, turned into an action packed Saturday with a bunch of lovely people – many of whom I met for the first time – and some insight into the differences between 911 and 912 owners. Suffice to say it was a truly fantastic day.

After sleeping in on Sunday morning, a quick text conversation with Jeremy Heslup of Valkyr Productions turned into a nice run up Angeles Crest Highway to a picturesque spot, overlooking the city. I don’t think I’ve seen a  more spectacular sunset before, and of course our cars helped.

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