Los Angeles – Morning coffee stop at Deus Ex Machina.

Deus Ex Machina. These three words have come to symbolise a global brand that stands for a lot of things. Good coffee, handbuilt modified motorcycles, surfboards and their associated culture, classic cars and a whole lot more. They have retailers in more than ten countries, allowing people to live the ‘Deus’ lifestyle. They’ve also had a large hand in promoting SoCal car culture, playing an integral role in annual events like Luftgekuhlt year on year.

However, my trip to Deus Ex Machina in Venice was not planned. All I wanted was some good coffee to kickstart my morning. Looking up the list of coffee shops nearby, Deus featured prominently on the list. Twenty minutes later, I was there.

The way that the café is set up is interesting for sure. Designed to take full advantage of the mostly temperate California weather, there is plenty of room to sit outside and sip your coffee in the sunshine, or catch up on work if that’s your thing.

A combination of concrete, wood, plants and cool designs gave the interior its café vibes, in addition to the numerous motorcycles and other gear on the racks. T-shirts, jackets, books, stickers, sunglasses, caps, Biltwell helmets, and other assorted items took up most of the space in the shop. The people behind the counter looked like they were straight out of a surfing catalogue, fitting right into the type of lifestyle that Deus Ex Machina propagates.

It was certainly a pleasant place for a morning coffee, as I sipped my cappuccino, while flipping through the massive pages of a Porsche 911 coffee table book. People checked their emails or chatted animatedly with friends, with the noise of morning traffic in the background. A cool breeze flowed through the café, almost inviting guests to hop on the Ducati 750 SS or the MV Agusta motorcycles inside and head for the hills. For those who were willing to make the leap, that life of adventure beckoned and the café was a good starting point.

For others, it was a good place to catch up on work while delaying the inevitable trip to the office for as long as possible. As long as the coffee is at your elbow and your laptop has got juice, do you really need anything else?

Good weather, great coffee and a friendly café atmosphere. The day was just beginning….


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