Hooniganism – A postcard from the weekend.

If you’re a regular reader of the Bandit, or if you’ve just found out about us and decided to catch up by doing a deep dive through the archive, you’d find a lot of classic car material, or posts dedicated to good people doing fantastic work within the car community.

This leads to the oft-arrived upon perception that the Bandit is a little too old school. Well, here’s the antidote to that.

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Over the weekend, a good friend mentioned an event taking place at a local track. The track was Irwindale Speedway and the event was the Hoonigans’ Culture Clash with a “Burnyard” being the center of attention. In case you’re wondering, “Burnyard” means exactly what you think it means.

Watching a car absolutely shred its tyres in the name of fun, while an audience cheers fervently may be looked down upon as a rather primitive form of automotive schadenfreude.

We really don’t care… mostly because we were cheering too! So, for your enjoyment (or bemusement?), here are a few postcards from the weekend.

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