El Bandido Nocturno – A summer sabbatical.

May. June. July. August. September? Not quite. The Bandit is back.

Where were we, you may be asking? On a partially self-imposed sabbatical.

We’ve always valued quality over quantity and with this in mind, towards the end of April, it became increasingly difficult to keep churning out pieces that had become increasingly similar to one another, but didn’t really bring forth the quality that we’ve always strived for. Luftgekuhlt, while a great event, only compounded the situation and we decided to take some time to get out of that head space.

Weeks turned into months and the SoCal summer brought its scorching temperatures to the city. It was still no comparison to the desert heat that one faces in Dubai, so there were still a handful of shows that we attended at locations around Los Angeles.

A two week trip to Dubai during the first half of August helped to get us back on the path to reviving the Bandit, primarily through some astute advice from respected people close to the blog (you know who you are). The process of actually starting again began two weeks ago, but like any classic car that’s been sitting for a long time, it required a few odds and ends to bring it back to its feet.

Aside from that, a good deal has been happening behind the scenes, all to be revealed in due course. I will say that the Bandit is going to be at the Rennsport Reunion at the tail end of September, which should be four days of non-stop Porsche fun. We’ll be reuniting with friends from the Midwest and hopefully making some new ones from the West Coast too.

So, we’re back. Stay tuned, a new story drops tomorrow!

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