About the Nocturnal Bandit

Siddharth, or ‘Sid’ as he likes to be called.

Siddharth Pandey is a newly-minted postgraduate from the University of Southern California, with an M.A. in Public Relations. A true petrolhead, Siddharth’s world (and head) turns based on the cars he sees on a daily basis.

Having written for a few automotive media outlets like Crank & Piston and Petrolicious, Sid has a diverse range of experiences with cars. A bit of time spent handling social media accounts for /DRIVE and MOMO Motorsport only augment his perspective on the automotive world.

The Nocturnal Bandit was started in June 2016 with the aim of journaling Sid’s experiences with gasoline and wheels into a structured blog – the Nocturnal Bandit – through words, photographs and occasionally video.

So why the name, ‘Nocturnal Bandit’?

The name came about as a portmanteau of sorts. Sid has an affinity for the night, and rarely stays in the same place for long, thus exhibiting the qualities of a bandit in the night, or a ‘Nocturnal Bandit.’

We hope you enjoy reading about Sid’s experiences as much he enjoys writing about them!

– The Nocturnal Bandit