A pleasant surprise – 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione.

There are times when I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to experience California car culture first hand.  The variety, the colors, the people, the sounds and the coffee combine to create a special set of circumstances that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Of course, being around these unique cars on a regular basis means that as SoCal enthusiasts, we’re spoilt. Seeing a Ferrari F430 may be a major occasion for some, but after living in Dubai, they don’t really excite me as much. The same could be said for the 599 or the other late models.

This situation was brought sharply into focus when I visited the Petersen Museum recently for Enzo Ferrari’s birthday. An event was being held by the Ferrari club, and it turned into the single largest number of Ferraris concentrated in an area that I had ever seen. Heavy foot traffic meant that taking photos would be difficult and the cars were packed tightly together, which only compounded the problem.

I contented myself by looking over the cars from a level above. Most were F430s, 599s, 458s and 488s. A pinch of GTO cars, three F40s, a couple of Daytonas, a couple of Dinos and a 400i stood out from the crowd, but only to a relatively small extent. As I said earlier, we’re spoiled rotten here in SoCal!

As the meet neared its end, I saw a flash of silver in the distance. On further investigation, it turned into a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Competizione, belonging to none other than Bruce Meyers! I had seen the car on numerous blogs and publications but had never seen it in person.

I spent a few minutes looking at it, but as numerous photographers awaited their turn to capture the 250, I moved away, only to say hello to Mr. Meyers himself.

Sure, there are lots of details about the car that I haven’t mentioned here, but there are times when you have to stand back and admire something for its simple aesthetic beauty.

Hat tip to Mr. Meyers for bringing his pride and joy out for all of us to admire. Like I said, we’re spoiled rotten and I have no issue with that whatsoever!

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