A change of scene – Welcome to Wisconsin.

img_5617 It’s been almost a full month since the pages of the calendar turned and things have been relatively quiet on this front. Well, today I’m here to tell you why.

img_5633 On September 3rd, I boarded a flight that would take me half way around the world. The eventual destination? Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

img_5647 So, welcome to Wisconsin! Highly regarded for its dairy output and its consumption of beer, the state consists mostly of large swathes of open farmland. Urban areas consist of cities like Milwaukee and Madison (the state capital), where, erm, stuff happens. You can probably glean this information from Google or from a tourist pamphlet, so I’m going to move on to more important things.


When it comes to the car scene, the state benefits from a large auto enthusiast population. After all, Detroit is just next-door and the need to cover long distances necessitates a car in every driveway. Additionally, Wisconsin has a lot of German ancestry in its roots. So, in addition to the hot rods and muscle cars that are typical of the Midwest region, there is a healthy population of ‘Euro’ metal that plies these roads.


However, I’m getting ahead of myself. What better way to introduce you to the Land of Cheese than take you for a drive, in the country? So, on a recent weekday morning, I did just that. The funny thing is, I drove for just fifteen minutes before I was in the middle of farmland, something which is typical of the state.

Stopping to get my bearings, I could only marvel at the scenery. Rolling green hills, huge farms with crops waiting to be harvested, tree-lined avenues and not a soul to be seen. It looked like something out of a postcard. More importantly, there was a two-lane road snaking through these hills, with little to no traffic. Time to drive!

I’ve never experienced driving nirvana, but I think this might be close! Almost an hour of spirited driving later, I turned back towards the city. My mind was clear as I joined the morning traffic, something essential for a busy week ahead.


So, once again, welcome to Wisconsin. You can be sure that we’ll be featuring those Porsches and muscle cars from here and the surrounding areas in the coming weeks. Its time to experience a new car culture and meet new people. Stay tuned!



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